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Rossi R92 Lever Action

Rossi R92 Lever Action

Introducing the Form Rifle Stocks Adjustable Stock and Forearm for the Rossi R92 Under Lever Rifle!

Elevate your shooting experience with the ultimate combination of style, functionality, and precision. Form Rifle Stocks is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation designed specifically for the Rossi R92 Under Lever rifle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our adjustable stock and forearm are engineered to provide you with an unmatched shooting experience.

Available Options

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Form Rifle Stocks presents an ideal solution for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their shooting experience with Rossi R92 lever action rifles when integrating modern optics. Designed to uphold the classic Rossi stock aesthetics, we seamlessly incorporates our exceptional push button adjuster system, allowing shooters to achieve optimal cheek weld while utilising a scope.

Embodying Form’s commitment to excellence, these stocks feature fully machined aluminium adjuster mechanisms with composite bushings and hard anodised rods (no plastic here!). This precision engineering ensures seamless and tool-free adjustments, delivering unparalleled smoothness and accuracy.

To complement the sophisticated functionality, Form Black Edition stocks boast a textured black finish. This premium coating ensures a sleek and refined appearance, harmonizing form and function flawlessly.

Our Huntsman Edition again a premium coating ensures a sleek and refined appearance, in Olive green with the textured black finish

Maybe the best of all the classic Black American Walnut, keep the classic look with our push button and of course checkered grip and forearm to finish the set.

Customers can also choose the laminate option with various color combinations giving a different look and feel to the firearm.

Shipping to the US will have to go via one of our US dealers, this will add time (4 – 6 days) to the shipment but not cost.

Shipping to EU and surrounding countries will have to go via one of our EU dealer, this will add time (4 – 6 days) to the shipment but not cost.

Technical Specification

To fit rifles

Rossi R92

Buttstock Style

Straight Style Adjustable Cheek Piece, Straight Style Non-Adjustable

Available Colours

American Black Walnut, Black Edition, Blue and Black, Ebony Classic, Red and Black, Walnut Classic, Forest

L/H model available

Ambidextrous design

RRP Buttstock only

£234 Non Adjustable, £360 Adjustable Cheek Piece

RRP Full Woodwork Set


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