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Our research and development starts by talking to the shooter, we get their individual perspective on the rifle stocks they own and how Form can make them better.

This information is then used to compile a list of needs, ideal shooter specifications, dimensions and profile preferences. We then use a CAD programme to draw these design criteria in a 2D format, once these measurements are finalised the 2D drawing is turned into a 3D profile.

We create our own tool paths ensuring care and detail is given to each stock that is produced, this can be seen on our Youtube channel.

We use a six axis CNC machine that was custom built for us by CMS in Italy, this machine is accurate to 0.01 mm ensuring each stock produced is as true as the computer programme it was created from.

The laminate hardwood timber used in our stocks is from CWP in Finland, who have an amazing reputation in dying and manufacturing Scandinavian birch veneers. They use a hot glue press ensuring a solid and stable structure to the laminate. Please see our colour choices within this site or for a custom / corporate colour combination please message or phone.

Form Rifle Stocks - why buy from us

Why Buy Form Rifle Stocks

We use the finest hard wood laminate from Coloured Wood Products of Finland

Custom built CNC from a world leading manufacture.

CAD design and tool path software time tested by market leaders.

Hand sanded to ensure a superlative finish on every stock.

State of the art timber finishes from a market leading manufacturer.

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