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Laminate / Hardwood offcuts


Laminate / Hardwood offcuts

Laminate offcuts from our rifle stock production.
These are ideal for carving projects, knife handles, pen blanks, handgun grips etc.
All offcuts are guaranteed to be over a certain size, they are odd shapes but will always be able to be cut down to provide a block of the advertised size. Some will be considerably larger than this.
Guaranteed to provide a block 40mm wide x 100mm long x 60mm deep 

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Coloured laminate produced by CWP of Finland. Superior quality laminated hardwood sourced to machine our rifle stocks. This timber is made up of 1.5 mm veneers that are individually pressure treated with coloured dye and then pressed with hot resin to create a very hard wearing yet beautiful material.
Colours available:
  • Red and Black
  • Ebony Classic (Black)
  • Forest (Green, Brown and Grey)
  • Blue and Black
  • Walnut Classic (Walnut coloured)
  • Pink and Black
  • Purple and Black

Hard wood :

  • Black American Walnut
  • Zebrano

Pictures on the drop down selection show the colour of the laminate only not the size and shape.

Technical Specification

Available Colours

American Black Walnut, Blue and Black, Ebony Classic, Red and Black, Walnut Classic, Forest, Pink and Black, Purple and Black, Zebrano

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