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Grip / Cheek Piece Set for FX Impact

From $69.00

Grip / Cheek Piece Set for FX Impact

Form Rifle Stocks grip and cheek piece set for FX Impact – all models

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Add a touch of flare to your  FX Impact with these eye-catching grip and cheek piece sets. Available in a range of coloured laminates or traditional hardwood options, these grips perfectly compliment all FXImpact models, inluding the new M3.

Outstandingly ergonomic anatomical design which provides an intuitive and repeatable grip, ideal for a variety of shooting disciplines. The grip features a small palm shelf for a secure and supportive shooting platform. Finger grooves are of a medium depth in order to provide excellent purchase without being overly restrictive.

Cheek pieces match original the FX design, fitting is very simple using the four original fitting screws.

These sets are supplied with our beavertail style grip as we feel this style offers the best ergonomics with the FX Impact. Fitment could not be much easier using the single machine screw through the underside of the grip.

As with all Form products, these sets benefit from a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

For UK customers, please purchase through your local Raytrade dealer.

Technical Specification

Available Colours

American Black Walnut, Blue and Black, Ebony Classic, Red and Black, Walnut Classic

CNC Machined

Yes – for a perfect fit


Highly ergonomic target grip

Oil Finish

Outstanding oil finish

Right or Left Handed

Right Handed

Parts Available

Cheek Piece, Grip, Set – Grip & Cheek Piece

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