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High lighting from the FX website “The FX DRS is a sleek and powerful hunting companion that rises above all expectations.”

We at FORM totally agree with this statement, after seeing this setup at the British Shooting Show we had to apply what we do best and and in our mind produce a perfect hunting format. There is a reason that target stocks look and have the form they have, this is the same for hunting.


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The FX DRS platform has been meticulously engineered to satisfy the most demanding shooters. Its elegant yet sophisticated design has enabled us to create a truly high-end airgun like never before. By removing some typical airgun features, such as the air tank, the FX DRS boasts a more minimalist design that resembles a traditional rifle, all while retaining the crucial functionalities expected from a modern, high-end airgun.

The FX DRS features a modular design, offering users numerous customisation options to suit their specific needs. The over-the-barrel air tank not only enhances the rifle’s traditional appearance but also improves barrel stability, eliminating the necessity for a conventional carbon fibre bottle or stand alone cylinder. The outcome? A sleek, powerful hunting companion that exceeds all expectations. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, ingeniously disguised as a traditional magazine.

Equipped with the latest AMP regulator version, the FX DRS classic ensures unmatched velocity consistency, providing you with the advantage needed in any shooting scenario.

Technical Specification

Stock Shape

Carro, Churchill

Stock Type

Cheek Riser only, Fully adjustable, Non – Adjustable

Available Colours

American Black Walnut, Blue & Black, Ebony Classic, Lime Green and Black, Red & Black, Forest

Sling Studs

, ,

Spartan Classic Fit Adapter


CNC Machined

Yes – for a perfect fit

Oil Finish

Outstanding oil finish

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