Crusader TAC Rifle Stock

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Crusader TAC Rifle Stock

Great for the long distance shooter. This stock has a wide foreend to take larger barrel contours a vertical grip and a thumb up position.

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Great for the long distance shooter This stock features a flat bag rider which tracks a rear bag perfectly, bringing the recoil energy directly back into the shoulder without losing sight picture.

The sloped beavertail forend is wide enough to accommodate most large diameter target barrels. It is designed primarily for use from a bipod, and is light enough to handle well in practical shooting scenarios.

This stock features an highly ergonomic grip which is deep enough for shooters with large hands. It retains the thumb up shelf which has been extremely popular on previous models. This grip has slight “diamond” profile with a slight palm swell, this gives a more intuitive and repeatable grip than most conventional designs.

Technical Specification

Available Colours

Blue and Black, Ebony Classic, Forest Camouflage, Red and Black, Walnut Classic

Stock Type

Cheek Riser only, Fully adjustable

Overall Length

790mm (LOP adjuster at minimum extension)


14" (Cheek Riser Model), 14"-15.5" (Fully Adjustable Model)


1360g (varies slightly by rifle inlet and adjustability options)

L/H model available


RRP adjustable cheek piece


RRP fully adjustable


To fit rifles

Anschutz 19 Series, Anschutz 54, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 527, Howa 1500 S/A, Remington 700 L/A, Remington 700 S/A, Remington 783 L/A, Remington 783 S/A, Sako 85 S/A, Tikka T1X, Tikka T3/T3X, Weihrauch HW60, Weihrauch HW66

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