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Our CR2 stock represents the culmination of insights and development from some of the UK’s top shooters, creating the finest HFT-FT stock available in the country.

This page is still being constructed, however people have asked for us to put as much as we can about this stock online.

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Available Options


Introducing the new CR2 Target Stock from Form Rifle Stocks—a masterpiece of design and functionality, engineered to enhance your shooting experience to perfection. This cutting-edge stock features an adjustable cheek rest and Length of Pull (LOP) on a ball joint adjuster, providing unparalleled flexibility and precision in customiation. Whether you’re in the prone, kneeling, or standing position, the ball joint adjuster ensures that every adjustment is seamless and stable, catering to your specific needs.

The CR2 Target Stock also boasts a full-length UIT rail, allowing for a wide array of accessories to be mounted securely and effortlessly. This rail system ensures that you have all the tools you need at your fingertips, enhancing your versatility and efficiency in various shooting disciplines.

Adding to its impressive list of features, the stock includes an adjustable palm shelf, which offers shooters the ability to fine-tune their grip and hand position, promoting comfort and stability during extended shooting sessions. The fully adjustable nature of the CR2 Target Stock means it can be tailored to fit any build and accommodate a wide range of shooting styles and disciplines.

For those seeking additional customisation options, the CR2 Target Stock is also available with the PRS Gen 4 butt plate, further enhancing the ergonomic fit. Additionally, users can choose between a palm rest or a bench rest block, ensuring that the stock can be perfectly adapted to your specific shooting requirements.

Experience the ultimate in precision, comfort, and adaptability with the CR2 Target Stock—crafted to give you the perfect fit and the confidence to excel in every shot.

List of air rifles that we can inlet into the CR2 stock:-

  • AIR ARMS S400 – S410 – S510
  • AIR ARMS TX200
  • Anschutz 9015
  • HW 77 – 97

Technical Specification

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