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Carro Rifle Stock

From $604.00

Carro Rifle Stock

This stock gives a strong wrap-around grip with the trigger hand. This is an all-rounder with a classic hunting style but also offers the option of a “thumb up” position when shooting prone.

Lead time on this stock is 4 weeks at the moment.

Please note “Spartan Classic Fit Adapters” are no long fitted as standard as we have moved away from our UK distributor, there is now a £30 cost for the adapter and fitting.

Available Options


The Carro is a hybrid stock that brings modern ergonomic improvements to a classic hunting style. This outstanding stock is wonderfully light, making it a great choice for a stalking rifle. The design has been optimised for shooting from a range of positions.

The Carro has a medium weight sporter varmint forend, suited to either hunting or target use. It also allows the stock to accommodate larger diameter barrels.

This model has an angled pistol grip to allow the shooter to use the stock in complete comfort when in a standing position. The thumb ramp allows for a more relaxed position when shooting offhand.

The smooth but hook offers the user comfortable and controlled hand support when shooting from a bi-pod.

6 mm stainless steel cross bolts fitted as standard to this model; these ensure the longevity and durability of the rifle inlet

Lead time on this stock is 4 weeks at the moment, please note Spartan Classic fit adaptors are not fitted as standard with a charge of £30 fitted.


Technical Specification

Available Colours

Blue and Black, Ebony Classic, Forest Camouflage, Red and Black, Walnut Classic

Stock Type

Cheek Riser only, Fully adjustable

Length of forend



14" 3/4 LOP for Cheek Adjustable Stocks, 15" Extending to 16" On Fully Adjustable Stocks


1360g (varies slightly by rifle inlet and adjustability options)

L/H model available


RRP adjustable cheek piece


RRP fully adjustable


To fit rifles

Anschutz 19 Series, Anschutz 54, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 527, Howa 1500 S/A Sporter Barrel, Howa 1500 S/A Varmint Barrel, Mauser K98, Remington 700 L/A Sporter Barrel, Remington 700 L/A Varmint Barrel, Remington 700 S/A Sporter Barrel, Remington 700 S/A Varmint Barrel, Remington 783 L/A Sporter Barrel, Remington 783 L/A Varmint Barrel, Remington 783 S/A Sporter Barrel, Remington 783 S/A Varmint Barrel, Sako 85 S/A Sporter Barrel, Sako 85 S/A Varmint Barrel, Tikka T1X Sporter Barrel, Tikka T1X Varmint Barrel, Tikka T3/T3X Sporter Barrel, Tikka T3/T3X Varmint Barrel, Weihrauch HW60, Weihrauch HW66

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